Hi, my name is Amy and I'm a photography addict.


I have always loved taking photos but realised I have a passion for it shortly after my daughter was born over six years ago. During maternity leave my Mummy friends and I found that we had hardly any pictures of ourselves with our babies as we were usually the ones taking them, we also didn’t have many of both parents with our children as well as any siblings or pets. After asking around it seemed to be the case for a lot of parents. 


I find it magical that you can look back at an image and remember exactly how you felt when that snapshot of your life was taken and I want to work with you to create images you love. During the photoshoot I will show you pictures so you can tell me if there is anything you don’t like or want more of. I want to give you pictures that you will love and be bursting to show off to everyone, even if you don’t normally like having your picture taken. I want you to be able to see the beauty everyone else sees in you.