Say Cheese!

I always think it’s a little bit like telling someone who’s really upset that it might never happen or someone who’s really angry to just calm down, obvious but easier said than done. As far back as I can remember I’ve been a bit snap happy with a camera and I think part of this is due to a house fire when I was younger that took away all the photos from my childhood. It made me realise how precious those images are, not just of me but with my family, particularly the people who aren’t here anymore. I wish I had more photos of me and my Nan but I only have a handful to show my daughter when she grows up. As a parent and someone who loves photos I’ve had plenty of experience of photoshoots and it seems that there are two main types of family and baby photography. The first is a portrait where the effect is often a vacant rabbit in headlights look and then the subjects struggle to escape a cute prop. The second is that you are shifted into various pleasing positions like poseable mannequins in a weird game of twister.

Instead of that, all I need you to do is just play and have fun as you normally do, it’s really as simple as it sounds ! That is how we will get the most natural and beautiful images, smiles that reach your eyes rather than teeth baring grimaces. In my own experiences I’ve found that asking a toddler to sit still and smile at the camera is as pointless as brushing your teeth whilst eating your favourite chocolate bar, so why bother? Let me get pictures of your toddlers chasing after you or hiding and then jumping out or maybe surrounded by bubbles and dressed up like pirates and princesses. They don’t stay little for long so let me capture those precious moments for you.

I can’t wait to work with you. Amy X

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